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GR Greece
Stand No: A30
ARGO is a leading GMP plastic packaging producer for the Pharma and Consumer Healthcare Industries. Trusted partner, we provide our customers with a wide portfolio of products including ophthalmic droppers, nasal sprayers, plastic bottles and caps, medical devices and printed tubes, listed in DMF and produced in certified areas.
RU Russia
Stand No: D60

Bright Way Group is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical company. We have 20 years of experience in the market as distributor of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients at the territory of Russian Federation; Over than 200 APIs had been registered at the Russian Federation by our side, we successfully realized a lot of commercial sales and have a positive relationship with reliable partners globally. We have our own Office as well as Registration Bureau and warehouse facilities; At present we are also involved in several governmental projects. We are actively working to expand the business and at the moment we have our own production plant of Finished Formulations, and we realize the project of building a new plant in the Moscow region. The project is implemented with the active support of the Russian government. We are looking for partnerships that can create new opportunities for business expansion in other countries and regions. Our main activities are: Promotion and Distribution of APIs, FDF, veterinary medicines, equipment, cosmetics. Production of FDF in Russia. Contract manufacturing. Localization of FDF production in Russia. Technology transfer. Localization of API production in Russia. Manufacturer/supplierFinished Dosage FormulationCountries: Russia - EuropeFinished Dosage FormulationCountries: Russia - Europe  FDFContract ServicePharmaceutical Services Countries: Russia - Europe  Packaging and LogisticsCountries: Russia - Europe

ES Spain
Stand No: B20

Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging provides to the pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetic industries the most advanced technological equipment in the market. We offer a high level of innovation and development along with the capability to adapt our knowledge and research to the needs of our customers and to the most demanding international regulations of the sector. We manufacture washing, sterilizing, filling and closing machines for bottles, vials, cartridges, syringes, and bags to process liquid, semi-solid products, and powder in sterile conditions. The machines can work either individually or form a complete production line; can operate under LAF or be integrated into containment systems.

DE Germany
Stand No: A44

groninger, the name stands for innovation, quality and service in the design of customized machines for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Consumer Healthcare industry. We have proven it to our customers for 37 years.

Customer focus for groninger is more than simply meeting the requirements of our customers. It is our goal to meet the challenges of the future through research and development and to offer innovative solutions. 1100 employees, in Crailsheim, Schnelldorf and Charlotte (North Carolina, USA), work to provide solutions and to optimize processes – fulfilling our company philosophy "We fill Visions with Life"?.

This is how groninger has become a technology leader in building customized machines for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Consumer Healthcare industry. To remain successful in this field, we must not only know our customers and their industries but we must also understand them. Trust in our own skills, working cooperatively together within our company and with customers form the basis for bringing visions to life, creating unique solutions and making our customers enthusiastic.

Our experience since more than 37 years, guarantees safe production processes and excellent results for our customers. The competence and enthusiasm of our employees are the basis of the extremely successful development of our company.

  • Products: Custom-built machines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer healthcare industry
  • Sites: Crailsheim, Schnelldorf, Charlotte (USA) 
  • Agencies: Worldwide in more than 35 countries 
  • Established: 1980 by Eva and Horst Groninger 
  • Management: Jens Groninger in Crailsheim, Volker Groninger in Schnelldorf, Horst and Eva Groninger in the holding board
  • Employees: Worldwide 1,135 (as of April 2017) 
  • Revenue: 156 million euros (in 2016)
IT Italy
Stand No: B52

A multi-function group with over 40-year experience, millions of containers manufactured for many among the most important brands in the pharmaceutical industries worldwide. The Lameplast Group provides complete, flexible and integrated services for manufacturing, filling and packaging of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, from the empty containers to the finished products, in single-dose, bottles and preservative free bottles. Exclusive services: Pentafill Filling & Sealing Machines for single-dose plastic containers; a new products portfolio with a complete line of CE Marked Medical Devices ready for the market.

With more than 20 years' production experience, our company was founded in 2013 as a producing & trading company of glass ampoules.