Each year CPhI unites more than 100,000 pharmaceutical professionals through exhibitions, conferences and online communities to network, identify business opportunities and expand the global market. Hosting events in Europe, China, Korea, India, Japan, South East Asia, Middle East and North America, CPhI co-locates with ICSE for contract services, P-MEC for machinery, equipment and technology, InnoPack for pharmaceutical packaging, Bioproduction for biopharma and FDF for every aspect of the finished dosage supply chain.


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Our Commitment to Sustainability

  • Our events are powered by renewable energy, making electricity use carbon-neutral
  • We have switched to recycled paper for all of our printing, reducing carbon impact by 28%
  • We have reduced our energy use by using energy-efficient LED lights
  • We promote sustainable exhibitor practices through our Sustainable Stand Award
  • We educate visitors and exhibitors on how they can help us to create a more sustainable event
  • Attendees are offered the option to offset their flights upon registering for the event
  • We're phasing out exhibitor use of disposable stand builds to decrease the amount of waste generated
  • Show signage and carpets are recycled at the end of the show
  • We try to use digital options where possible to reduce paper use
  • We proudly support our partner charity International Medical Corps
  • We encourage all visitors and exhibitors to learn more about International Medical Corps to see how they can join us in our support
  • Our lanyards and event bags are made from recycled plastic
  • We collect the lanyards back in at the end of the event in order to recycle them
  • The health, safety and security of our attendees and staff is our priority. We work closely with the venue and our contractors to identify risks, assess them and make sure there are bespoke health, safety and security plans in pace for all our events in accordance with this.

We are committed to achieving a sustainable events industry, and will continue to be at the forefront of driving change.

If you would like to work together with us on the sustainability of our event or have any questions please contact us at [email protected]