Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Update

CPhI & P-MEC India is closely monitoring developments concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19. The health and safety of both our customers and colleagues is always our top priority. As such, we are following all safety advice and precautions as recommended by local Departments of Health, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Booming Indian Pharma Market

CPhI & P-MEC India 2019 growth mirrors the market’s positive outlook heading into 2020

2020 edition saw a rise in overall attendees, with harmonization and innovation driving increased industry dynamism.

The Booming Indian Pharma Market

The Booming Indian Pharmaceutical Market

The Booming Indian Pharmaceutical Market, a future powerhouse for R&D and manufacturers of pharmaceuticals with 17,000+ pharma companies and 70-80% of branded generics in the retail market.

Pharma Outlook: 12 Trends to Watch in 2019

What does 2019 have in store for Pharma? We asked industry Thought Leaders to name one disruptive trend or technology that will have a significant impact on the market in the year ahead.

CPhI Annual Industry Report 2018

The CPhI Annual Report is a comprehensive and critically important publication that analyses key trends and innovations forecast by our panel of world class experts.

The Booming Indian Pharma Market

Bright prospects but slow progress

Savita V Jayaram looks at the reasons for slow growth in India’s agrichemical manufacturing industry, the impediments to change and the barriers to reducing dependency on Chinese imports.

CPhI report forecasts India to have strongest global growth in 2019

CPhI & P-MEC India opens as report ranks India the world’s fastest improving pharma market and first for ‘growth potential’ for 2019.

A new way to manufacture small batches of biopharmaceuticals on demand

Biopharmaceutical drugs are normally manufactured at large facilities dedicated to a single product, using processes that are difficult to reconfigure. To help make more of these drugs available, MIT researchers have developed a new way to rapidly manufacture biopharmaceuticals on demand. 

The Booming Indian Pharma Market

Trends in Biopharma Contract Manufacturing in China and India

By Vicky Qing Xia & Ronald A. Rader.
Posted on
Recent growth in the biopharmaceutical industry in both China, and India suggest a future positive outlook for contract manufacturing in both regions.

CPhI India Market Report 2017

The 2017 CPhI Indian Pharma insight report is designed to evaluate the overall growth prospects of domestic Indian Pharma companies and foreign pharmaceutical companies working within the India pharmaceutical market.

Attendance rise sees CPhI & P-MEC India 2018 move to Indian capital

The new venue will see the exhibition now hosted in a single venue, bringing it closer to the Indian regulatory and legislative capital. New Delhi is also the country’s main international transport hub and will encourage an increased international attendance. In total, more than 50,000 people from 122 countries are expected, along with nearly 1500 exhibitors.