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CEO Round Table

About Pharma Leadership Roundtable 2023

Within the realm of CPhI & P-MEC India, the Pharma Leadership Roundtable stands out as one of the most distinguished and successful events. For the last few years, this exclusive, closed-door roundtable has been eminently successful as a strategic gathering of senior leaders from leading pharma companies fostering thought-provoking discussions.

This year’s roundtable was focused on dual themes of innovation-led growth and sustainability-focused operational transformation which are the bilateral forces propeling next sphere of scale and competitiveness on the formidable foundation nurtured so far by the Indian pharma industry. 

CEO roundtable
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What you will learn
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Formidable industry foundation

Dual forces of the strong domestic market and established footprint in exports 

Shaping the future of Indian pharma

Domestic market with a focus on affordable access to quality-assured drugs and delivery innovation

Way forward

Recommendations for actualizing the potential 

Male pharma professional sat down at event
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