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IN India
Stand No: IP75

We are known in the industry amongst the top-notch formulators of various pharma products that find usage in industries of pharma, cosmetics and many others. All these products are widely appreciated for their purity and high quality standards. Along with these products, we also offer various glass bottles, trade resins and others that find wide usage in the pharmaceutical sector.

Sub-event: CPhI|BEC
Zone: Hall 1
DE Germany
Stand No: U20

AZO LIQUIDS is a specialist in processing plants for mixing, dispersing and homogenising raw materials for e.g. liquids, powders, ingredients, vitamins and enzymes within industrial production processes to liquid and semi-solid products. Process steps like mixing, dispersing, homogenising, heating, cooling and discharging can be automated to the greatest possible degree.

Future proofed and innovated process technology, as well as intelligent control systems ensure the highest standard of quality.
Our plants offering highest flexibility with latest technology. As a standard a high-performance CIP cleaning systems as well as SIP systems are integrated in our scope of supply

The AZO LIQUIDS plants are supported by an intelligent control system, the zoamatic professional control system which can be integrated to highly complex process control system

AZO Liquids is exclusively represented in India by Vedic Pac Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Sub-event: PMEC|BEC
Zone: Hall 7A
IN India
Stand No: U40

Finar Limited has a state of the art manufacturing facility situated at Ahmedabad, India to manufacture high quality Excipient & Pharma grade ingredients. The facility is GMP certified. We have been successfully audited by several domestic as well as international pharma majors and qualified to offer Key Excipients & ingredients for Pharma Formulations especially future generics aimed at regulated markets as well as emerging markets. 

In a challenging industry scenario with an escalating requirement on compliance & regulations, Finar deploys several innovative initiatives to meet customer requirements in record time from product development to regulatory authority filing & approvals. 

Write us to:  excipients@finarchemicals.com 

Visit:  http://www.finarchemicals.com/excipients.html

Sub-event: CPhI|BEC
Zone: Hall 3
IN India
Stand No: IP09

We are a partnership firm founded in 1995. We are manufacturing  In-active Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Ingredient called EXCIPIENTS.
We are GMP, ISO and FDA license holding, Manufacturer and Exporter of In-active Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Ingredient since 1995.

PRODUCTS: Carbomer (Carbogel), Sodium Starch Glycolate (Hyswel), Sodium Stearyl Fumarate (Lubsolv), Croscarmellose Sodium (V-Di-Sol), Calcium CMC (F-Di-Sol), Metharylic acid copolymer (Entragit), Maglumine & Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate.

Sub-event: CPhI|BEC
Zone: Hall 1