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CN China
Stand No: L71

A.H.A Group is a leading global provider of ingredients solution, specializes in Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Food& Beverage industries more than 25 years, with approximately 200 employees worldwide, annual turnover of USD200 millions. The main products cover Amino Acids, Vitamins, Herb Extracts and Nutritional Supplements.

Sub-event: CPhI|BEC
Zone: Hall 1
CN China
Stand No: BD23

Enzymeking Biotechnology Company Limited. specializes in manufacture, distribution, and supply pharmaceutical rawmaterials for application in the fields of pharmaceutical, scientific research, foods & cosmetics. Our core business is manufacturing and developing various natural enzymes. With proven extraction and purification technologies, our global activities are directed toward supplying high purity natural enzymes to research institutions, bio chemical and medicine manufacturers and foods & cosmetics manufacturers.

Sub-event: CPhI|BKC
Zone: Hall B
IN India
Stand No: D77

We are an innovative and ambitious Indian pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, functional foods company with global presence. We partner with associates & clients alike to deliver customized solutions that resolve their significant issues and create lasting competitive advantage. We have the following divisions:- API, Formulations, Brand Marketing, Nutra/Functional foods, In-Out licencing and Biologics.

Sub-event: CPhI|BEC
Zone: Hall 1

Established in 1975, Suru Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is a pioneer manufacturer and exporter of raw materials like LANOLIN and its various derivatives, for Cosmetics and Pharma industries. Well known for its outstanding quality products and competency to meet the highest standards of local as well as international chemical market, company is marching ahead to benchmark its position as 'Single Source Lanolin Provider', across the country.

Sub-event: CPhI|BEC
Zone: Hall 2

ZHECHEM is a state-owned company with almost 30 years experiences in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. A group of young people presents passion to focus on Anti-virus, Antihypertensive, Antihyperlipidemia, etc, through collaborating with domestic factories and academic institutes. What we're doing is to source in China and to echo positive news promptly when learning customer's requirements.

Sub-event: CPhI|BEC
Zone: Hall 1