Visitor FAQ

Date & Location

What is the address of the venue?

The address of CPhI India is as followed:

India Expo Centre,
Plot No. 25,27,28,29, Knowledge Park II,
Greater Noida, Utter Pradesh 201306

What are the dates and opening hours?

The dates and opening hours of CPhI India 2019 is as followed:

26 November: 10:00 - 18:00
27 November: 10:00 - 18:00
28 November: 10:00 - 17:00


Why is CPhI & P-MEC India 2019 shifting from Mumbai to Greater Noida?

For those of you who attended the 2017 event in Mumbai, you must have witnessed the chaos that occurred due to the extreme traffic conditions outside the NESCO venue. As a result of this, Traffic Police Officer (Jt. Commissioner of Police – Mr. Amitesh Kumar) had to step in and as instructed by the authorities we had to reschedule the exhibition opening and closing hours.
The Metro Project work occurring outside the NESCO complex is expected to continue until 2020 and involves narrowed roads around the venue which has a significant impact on the traffic. To avoid future chaos Jt. Commissioner of Police, Mumbai has laid down a new set of rules with regard to holding exhibitions at NESCO. In accordance with the new rule, (i) no permissions will be given to exhibitions which need to occupy more than 50% of the gross space available at NESCO (ii) No temporary structures will be allowed at NESCO as the available open space should be used for vehicle parking purpose only.
Furthermore the MMRDA Grounds at BKC might be used for the upcoming bullet train project and thus the authorities are not taking bookings for big expo’s at the MMRDA grounds.

As an effect of the above, to safeguard interest of all stakeholders, UBM has decided to shift CPhI & P-MEC India to India Expo Centre (IEML), Greater Noida which currently has the best infrastructure to cater for exhibitions of this scale.

Why don’t you move the event to the South since the pharma industry is located in West and South of India?

For an event in size as CPhI & P-MEC, the only venue in India with a suitable floor space is India Expo Centre (IEML) in Greater Noida. The total gross space required for us to hold our exhibition is approx 100,000 sqm gross and currently no other venue in India can offer this space. We had considered venues in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. Unfortunately all of these venues do not have the required space available.
As you might remember in Mumbai, we had to split the event in two venues BEC, Goregaon and MMRDA, BKC as one single venue in Mumbai was not sufficient enough to hold CPhI and P-MEC.

Why have you introduced Product zones?

From this year onward CPhI & P-MEC India will follow the zoning layout that shall offer - better visibility, streamlined traffic & more time for business!

CPhI & P-MEC India 2019 will showcase zones such as API, FDF, Excipients, Fine Chemicals, Natural Extracts & Country Pavilions. And P-MEC 2019 will have P-MEC (Pharma Machinery), InnoPack, Lab-Analytical & Clean Rooms. The zoning format gathers businesses from a given sector of the pharmaceutical industry together in one area, raising the profile of that sector and showcasing its distinct qualities. And more than anything, it gives our exhibitors access to the right buyers.

Who is exhibiting?

Overview of 2018 Exhibitor List:

For a more detailed overview of what products and services each exhibitor does, please refer to

Are there any free seminars to attend?

Yes, you can attend any of the pharma insight briefings at no extra charge.
The list of speakers and the agenda of 2018 are available HERE


Does my registration for CPhI also give access P-MEC exhibition?

Yes, your CPhI registration will also give you access to the co-located events.

What is the limited age to attend the event?

As CPhI & P-MEC India is a trade event, no one under 18 years will be allowed to enter the exhibiton.