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Exploring Excipients
Location: Conference Theatre 1

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Dr Tamas Sohajda
Denise Reaves
Jurata Thin Film
Senior Analytical Scientist
Dr. Björn-Hendrik Peters
Bristol Myers Squibb
Principal Scientist
Nigel Langley
Gaylord Chemical Company
Global Technical Director Gaylord Chemical LLC ; IPEC- Americas Immediate Past Chair
David Schoneker
Black Diamond Regulatory Consulting, LLC
President/Owner/Regulatory & Quality Consultant
Nelio Drumond
Associate Director
Joseph Zeleznik
Board Member & Chair


Date: May 8th 2024

13:45-14:05 (EST)
Keynote: The Importance of Excipient Grade in Pharmaceutical Drug Development

Join our keynote, where we will unravel why excipients are making a stylish comeback in Pharma and explore their resurgence in modern medicine.


  • Nigel Langley, Gaylord Chemical Company, Global Technical Director Gaylord Chemical LLC ; IPEC- Americas Immediate Past Chair 
  • Joseph Zeleznik, IPEC-Americas, Board Member & Chair
14:10-14:30 (EST)
Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Formulations: Harnessing Excipient Solutions for Next-Generation Medicines
  • Beyond Traditional Roles: Explore how excipients are no longer passive additives but active contributors to drug efficacy and delivery, offering diverse functionalities.
  • Precision Medicine and Tailored Therapies: Delve into the role of excipient solutions in enabling precision medicine by allowing customized drug delivery profiles, optimized for individual patients.
  • Enhancing Patient Adherence and Experience: Learn how excipient innovations are transforming patient experiences, from taste-masking to novel dosage forms, resulting in better medication compliance and outcomes.
14:35-14:50 (EST)
Lightning Round: Excipients 4.0 - Cyclodextrins (CDs)

Join us for us for a series of rapid-fire talks on technological innovations in excipients!

Explore novel applications in neurodegenerative diseases, gene therapy, and biotechnology, showcasing innovative structures, mechanisms, challenges, and results, with a focus on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, rare genetic disorders, and potential expansion to longevity and infectious diseases, presenting a non-viral gene delivery platform and demonstrating CD utilization in vaccine adjuvants and biotechnological tools.


  • Dr Tamas Sohajda, CarboHyde, CEO
14:50-15:05 (EST)
Lightning Round: Excipients 4.0 - "Changing the world one film at a time"

At Jurata we are focused on eliminating the need for cold chain storage of a vaccines and biologics, including mRNA-LNPs, in order to improve global health equity. Our novel stabalization technology is 10x more efficient to produce than lyophilized products and allows for sublingual and buccal delivery.


  • Denise Reaves, Jurata Thin Film, Senior Analytical Scientist
15:05-15:20 (EST)
Lightning Round: Excipients 4.0 - "Excipients for pharmaceutical processes

How to identify opportunities for novel excipients that solve formulation and process challenges; Needs of the industry for novel excipients, ways to identify current gaps and work together to resolve them, 1-2 key examples of common process challenges that might be solvable with novel excipients.


  • Dr. Björn-Hendrik Peters, Bristol Myers Squibb, Principal Scientist
15:25-15:45 (EST)
Ask the Excipient Expert

Have burning questions about excipient functionalities, selection criteria, or their role in drug formulation? Join us as we bring together a seasoned excipient expert to address your queries, share insights, and offer a deeper understanding of these vital components. Whether you're a pharmaceutical professional, researcher, or simply curious about the science behind medicines.


15:50-16:10 (EST)
Case Study: Breaking the Chain: The Impact of PFAS in US Pharma

The growing awareness of the environmental and health risks associated with (PFAS) has led to a global movement to phase out these chemicals from various products. In the pharmaceutical industry, PFAS have been used in some excipients due to their unique properties but concerns about potential health effects have prompted regulators and pharmaceutical companies to take action to reduce their use.

  • Evaluating alternative excipients that can maintain product efficacy while reducing reliance on PFAS.
  • What are the challenges in removing PFAS from products and the associated regulatory aspects
  • Examine regulatory compliance and adaptations in response to PFAS concerns
16:15-17:00 (EST)
Panel: Making Excipients Great Again

In Pharma, excipients, often underappreciated despite their essential role in drug formulation and delivery, are gaining renewed attention. With growing investments in technology and increasing consumer demand for natural ingredients, excipients are taking on an expanded role. Join our esteemed panel of experts as they delve into the evolving landscape of excipients, their increasing importance in enhancing drug effectiveness and patient outcomes, and the shifting dynamics in this field.

  • Why excipients are regarded as unsung heroes in the industry 
  • Understand how natural excipients can be leveraged to improve the solubility and bioavailability 
  • Analyzing the potential of excipients in personalized medicine, addressing formulation challenges, and improving patient compliance


  • Dr. Björn-Hendrik Peters, Bristol Myers Squibb, Principal Scientist
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