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Supply Chain Economy

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Laura Bray
Angels for Change
Chief Change Maker
Joanne Chan
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)
Senior Assistance General Counsel /Head of State Legal Affairs
Dr. Rob York
Pacific Forum
Director for Regional Affairs
Andrew Gonce
Mallinckrodt Specialty Generics
VP, Commercial & Strategy
Christina Smolke
CEO and co-founder
Bikash Chatterjee
Pharmatech Associates - a USP company
President, chief science officer
Kevin Webb
API Innovation Center
Chief Operating Officer
Matt Christian
US Pharmacopeia (USP)
Director, Supply Chain Insights
Anthony Puleo
Associate Director, Supply Chain Data Science
John Murphy
Chief Policy Officer
James Ferri
Virgina Commonwealth University


Location: Conference Theater 1 | Date: May 8th 2024

10:00-10:20 (EST)
The Supply Chain is Broken. What will it take to fix it?

The story of how patient advocacy, patient centric design, and partnership is rebuilding the global pharmaceutical supply chain to ensure access to all.


  • Laura Bray, Angels for Change, Chief Change Maker
10:25-10:45 (EST)
Utilizing Data Analytics for Optimized Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Data analytics is playing an increasingly important role in helping companies achieve supply chain excellence. By collecting and analyzing data, companies can gain insights into their supply chains that can help them improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service. 

How Data analytics can be used to track and trace shipments, identify bottlenecks, and optimize inventory levels.

Data analytics can also be used to predict demand, forecast future trends, and identify risks.

By using data analytics, companies can make better decisions about their supply chains, which can lead to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer service.


  • Anthony Puleo, AstraZeneca, Associate Director, Supply Chain Data Science 
10:50–11:10 (EST)
Key Elements to Building a More Resilient Supply Chain

Leveraging Data Analytics for Build a More Resilient Supply Chain. Today, patients in the United States and around the world depend on medicines—and the ingredients used to make those medicines—sourced from and manufactured around the globe. The recent pandemic, geopolitical, and natural events have not only led to medicine shortages but have also exposed systemic pharmaceutical supply chain vulnerabilities. Understanding and addressing these vulnerabilities require a systematic approach to building a more resilient supply chain:

• Understanding supply chain challenges

• Implementing solutions to supply chain challenges - Detect problems and predict risk through data analytics - Provide recommendations to address and alleviate the risks - Solve problems through advanced manufacturing technologies - Scale solutions through collaborative partnerships


  • Matt Christian, Director, US Pharmacopeia (USP), Supply Chain Insights
11:15-11:35 (EST)
Navigating Drug Pricing Dynamics in the Supply Chain Economy

Reviewing the outcome of the inflation reduction act and how it is affecting pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors in managing drug pricing within the supply chain, including examining broader economic and market trends influencing drug pricing within the supply chain economy and their effects across US Healthcare.


  • Joanne Chan, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), Senior Assistance General Counsel /Head of State Legal
  • John Murphy, BIO, Chief Policy Officer
11:40-12:30 (EST)
Panel: Reshoring US Pharma: The Realities

Join us as our experts delve into the current state of pharmaceutical manufacturing on American soil, examining the drivers, challenges, and outcomes of the onshoring trend within the US pharma industry.

  • Examining case studies and success stories that highlight the progress and challenges in realizing onshoring goals within the US pharma market 
  • Analyzing the impact of regulatory changes and supply chain disruptions on onshoring efforts 
  • Assessing hybrid Onshoring and Nearshoring



  • Bikash Chatterjee, Pharmatech Associates - a USP company, President, chief science officer
  • Dr. Rob York, Pacific Forum, Director for Regional Affairs
  • Andrew Gonce, Mallinckrodt Specialty Generics, VP, Commercial & Strategy
  • Christina Smolke, Antheia, CEO and co-founder
  • Kevin Webb, API Innovation Center, Chief Operating Officer
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